wussy pillow b​/​w secret drinker

by glocca morra

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these are our last two songs as a band. thanks for everything.


released March 17, 2015



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glocca morra Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: wussy pillow
i heard you spit on the floor there and nobody ever cleans it up. don’t need a reason to get down and that’s probably why nobody wants you around. everyone is hanging out and drinking with the dudes but it brings me out, it bums me down. i’m too obvious for clues. your polished shoes, your polished pre-production time. the set list, the fest line, you’re alright. you met this girl in town last time around. she’s alright. she’s at the show at the wings on the east side. i didn’t quite hit it in the interview, i didn’t feel it. oh carrie, compare me. can’t wrap my head around. i wanna know what band your brother's band sounds like. i heard his demo at the stop light. everyone is hanging out and drinking with the dudes but it brings me out, it bums me down. i’m too obvious for clues. i heard that you know his real name. i heard you’re never gonna tell. gimme a second. no, shut up. that’s probably why nobody gives you enough.
Track Name: secret drinker
if i slip my hands down her pants, will we slip into a new romance? at the liquor store, i come back for two more. three times, then twenty lines. secret drinkers lead secret lives; killing time. i was the one who came down from the mountain. after hours, you were pushing henry outside. he wanted to take walks. you wanted to make strides. i caught you drinking forties when you lit up in police lights; that heavy shower. i was making soup of insides. he wanted two more lines. double lives. i guess you tried. catching colors, secret thinkers, think undercover. guess you lied, and your brother. secret drinkers lead secret lives. catching colors. two times: a pisser or kisser. a case dismisser in separate filters. secret lives: two bloodshot eyes. i kiss her, convince her to stay the night; stay on my side. two secrets. secret drinker in secret life on daddy's side thinks half the time. thinks half the time. a stand-up guy of appalachian highs in mother’s eyes could do no wrong, could never die.