glocca morra / the greek favourites split 7"

by glocca morra



split 7" with the greek favourites. released summer 2010.


released September 1, 2010

our side, recorded at new noise recording in glen burne, md with justin motherfucking day. greek's side, recorded in dave's badass garage.



all rights reserved


glocca morra Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: bedford avenue
well, we were calling it "bridge iced over" with a heart of gold and a good way to cut it slack. if any takers are willing, it will be a short ride there but a long one back. but i felt good for once, though it was poor form on both our parts. i was crawling on my back for weeks and if the devil caught me in substance, i was down to tell it. and so the rain fell, and this torrential down pour was keeping me dry - i fell into the weight of all i've done. the girl was right, the girl was right. it was keeping me up nights. the sun was up, it bares its teeth - i'm coming home. i was watching the trees grow when i should have been watching you. passing through bedford avenue, you should have seen it - you're in it, you're in it now. you're in it, you're in it now ! i was taking it downtown when i should have been taking it home. but i won't be here in the morning when you wake up - sometimes you have to leave alone.
Track Name: new years eve (titan house)
home life is a drag. turned the coffin in for a twin size bed. i'll pace this room all day - if you think i won't then make me, if you think you can. framing photos - waste. why swim alone in someone else's dirty wake? cold toes, new years eve. some shady parking lot, a stranger's house that i've never been in. still living on the corner of west end and the county line is inching closer. we were young when we first got it in our heads that moving that far north is not moving very far at all. the fear, the fear. season is closure, it's not me, it's not me. maybe it's not time to say this yet. cold toes. nothing. drink up. nothing. cold toes. nothing. drink more. nothing. and what of your old friends? where do they stand when it goes? where they stand when it goes down? nothing.
Track Name: weekend at glen burnies III
way on the road, some city i can't see in to, some people know where they are from. it's not morning yet. but i am home, someone's apartment is my home, and i am seeing this out well. i'm always up and i'm always falling back into a routine way to be, but it's not me. i'm tipping the hat to the higher ups, i'm getting it out, with four hours out, i will be seeing myself out the door that i came in through. it's the way that it must be, at least for now. this is how you better yourself. so let's drink tonight. the parties feeling alright. i'm alright tonight. i wake up next morning. people sleeping on my floor that i don't know. i turn the lights off so we can sleep some more.