ghoul intentions 7"

by glocca morra



released October 15, 2011



all rights reserved


glocca morra Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: professional confessional
why do you skip through the parts you don’t like? that is the wrong way to live your life. you get by when you feel like you. i get by when i can and i can not see you. i can not see myself: long night with a lot to do. it’s fucking better you’re sleeping. i force my hand through a breakaway glass. clean up and a cigarette to share when we get bored. i look straight through your eyes and then back to the floor. sever it is better. the wet clothes, the black eyes, the black hole. morning is a mouthful. take it with a step stool. tie around a good one easier to cut through. i dug my fingers into a hole. i like the feeling when you never know when to go. digging in deeper. losing more sleep, for two.
Track Name: little man
i wanna start jiving to a different beat. hanging with the kids across the street. flying in real high when i make the scene. hold a crooked hand beneath a shady tree. so if you’re coming through you better watch out for me. cause i like hanging with the dealers. for me, there’s nothing realer. you can do what you want, just don’t fuck with me. no decision to fight it. no distress in the slightest. you get what you want, i get what i deserve. but i’ve prepared you a statement, then shortly after i ate it. you get what you want, i get heartburn.
Track Name: support my head
how do i feed a ghost? i did not mean to hurt you. fill it all; empty. most weekdays get spent deserting. tell me what you want the most. step through like a wicker curtain. fire ignites the whole. makes sure what is never certain. casey i’m trying to be what you want me to be. but i sign off. sign my name off. last night’s a joke. tomorrow, who knows. support my head. use my body as a compass that leads us to bed. i see you’re well. use your division as an anchor that drags us to hell. but i’m alright. delicate with people, will not go outside. support my head. give me something to believe in that’s already dead.
Track Name: nostalgia, as a place
there is a place where i can go and spend my days. there is a grave. there is exciting things to say. i pull apart. i take the pieces of end to make sense of the start. cold and i’m clean (i catch myself some times). i shut my eyes (trying to find a new low). my stomach calls me in days (forever on the road). you spent your time (forever alone). you can have mine. no secrets. no tired eyes. i shouldn’t try so hard.
Track Name: railing
denial. denial. planned hard into my skull. the hand unfolds but i can’t read the cards. i need the shades pulled down. be careful, or wasteful. you can not fall apart if you don’t waste your time on this or art. you want the shades pulled down? let’s all draw straws. see who has the most intentional flaws. i’m betting that mine is the shortest of all. let’s all do drugs. everybody fits like a transient glove. everybody wants somebody to love. don’t you want somebody to love?
Track Name: "them"
when you don’t expect you can get by. poster boy for start drinking again or to stay dry. lesson learned and declined. don’t talk to me like we don’t talk or never have before. i get the news. hello. i get the long goodbye. casey, look at me when i’m talking to you. it’s settling in half time. i am the spring cleaning crew. refurnishing the pass by. i broke my neck to see you. split ends. four reasons i can’t explain myself to myself. oh it’s okay just wanna meet you. one of these are burning in bright light. one of these are burying the guidelines. one of these rat fucks are swimming in the pipelines. one of these rat fucks?